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Avoidable Exposures: Work & Environment

Fighting for a safer environment at home, in the community, and at work

Scientific data show many pollutants cause cancer in animal studies. Tests of toxicities in humans are unethical, so precautionary avoidance of pollutants is the safest policy. American health activists are encouraging legislators to bring U. S. policies up to European standards of workplace and environmental safety. In the United States, manufacturers still fight against costly pollution regulations. Citizens fight for regulations. You can learn what pollutants to guard against. Become an informed citizen.

Pollutants to Avoid
Polluters who expose workers and communities to cancer-causing toxins can eliminate unhealthy emissions. If you are at risk for exposure, you can find the political support you need to bring about positive changes.

Workplace Carcinogens
Breast Cancer Risks
Chemical Industry Image Campaign
Chemical Co. Corporate Crime

Environmental Pollutants
Radiation Risks
Mosquito Sprays - Scourge

Your Home Environment
Are you Chemically Sensitive?
Condominiums: How to Go Green
Indoor Air Pollution
Pesticides in the Home

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