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Work & Environmental Risks
"Trade Secrets": The Latest in a Long Line of Conspiracies Press Release March 23, 2001 Trade Secrets by Bill Moyers uncovers industry misconduct
All We're Doing is Rearranging the Deck Chairs on a Seafood Titanic Editorial February 18, 1994 Lethal toxins in fish from contaminated waters; persistent environmental toxins
Americas Beauty Show Challenges Toxic Salons Press Release March 27, 2009 Hazards of ingredients and products in salons.
Austria Urged to Take Initiatives to Protect the Public Against Cancer & Other Risks of Monsanto's Genetically Engineered Modified rBST Dairy Products Press Release January 18, 2000 Monsanto's GE rBST dairy products
Avoidable Toxins in Condominiums: How to Go Green Article 1997 Condo Lifestyles
Breast Cancer Deaths Linked to Nuclear Emissions Press Release September 8, 1994
Criticizes Insurers Letter April 30, 1979 letter to Business Insurance re reaction to The Politics of Cancer book
Dangers of EDB in Leaded Gasoline Letter January 31, 1984 New York Times
EDB and Other Hazards Letter February 25, 1984 Washington Post
Environmental and Occupational Pollutants are Avoidable Causes of Breast Cancer Article 1994 International Journal of Health Services
Environmental Cancer: Science, Not Politics Letter March 15, 1999 Wall Street Journal
Environmental Causes of Cancer Neglected Press Release March 27, 2003 Environmental causes of cancer
Exposing the Links Between Cancer and the Environment Article August 23, 2004 Interview from Aug. 2004; posted on WWF site
FDA Is Ignoring Dangers of Bovine Growth Hormone Editorial June 2, 1990 Dangers of bovine growth hormone
FDA, USDA Officials Dismiss Citizens' Concerns About Irradiated Food at Symposium Press Release June 18, 2001 June 2001 Symposium on Food Irradiation
IBM's Corporate Recklessness: From the Holocaust to Occupational Cancer Press Release August 16, 2004
Make Prevention A National Priority Editorial July 24, 1985 editorial on cancer prevention
Medical Experts Prescribe Legislation to Help Prevent Cancer Press Release June 15, 2009 Letter to four Congressional committees urging drastic revision of the Obama Cancer Plan to mandate prevention.
More Nuclear Reactors A Public Health Threat Editorial January 15, 2006 Commentary with Joseph Mangano in The News-Gazette, Champaign, Illinois
New Study Feeds Pesticide Debate Article March 12, 1995 Lawn Chemicals, Cancer Risks
New York Times Whitewashes Environmental Causes of Cancer Press Release December 14, 2005 Commentary on New York Times story on the environment and cancer.
REACHing for Control of Carcinogenic Chemicals Press Release May 5, 2004
Reversing the Cancer Epidemic Article May2002 article in TIKKUN, May/June 2002
Study Offers Strong Evidence in a Cancer Debate Article April 20, 1994 article by Jane E. Brody on pesticides and breast cancer
The FDA Still Ignores the Lethal Risks of Talcum Powder Press Release March 24, 2008
The Obama Cancer Plan Should Prioritize Prevention Press Release January 23, 2009 Press release on The Obama Cancer Plan endorsed by cancer prevention scientists and advocates.
The Push for Mammography May Be Off Target Editorial February 4, 1992 Washington Press conference in Feb. 1992 in which 60 scientists call for overhaul of cancer policy
We are Losing the Winnable War Against Cancer Press Release December 18, 1996 war on cancer

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