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Thursday, February 20, 2003


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Report Demonstrates Cancer Epidemic Continues

Despite Allocation of Billions of Taxpayer Dollars


WASHINGTON - Today, the Cancer Prevention Coalition (CPC) released a landmark report entitled, "The Stop Cancer Before It Starts Campaign:  How to Win the Losing War Against Cancer."  This report is an updated and expanded version of a recent publication in the peer-reviewed prestigious International Journal of Health Services and is sponsored and endorsed by some 100 leading scientists and experts in cancer prevention, policymakers and non-governmental organizations.   The report is expected to trigger an investigation into the National Cancer Institute (NCI).


The report finds that:







“The decades-long silence of the cancer establishment on a wide range of avoidable causes of cancer, other than personal lifestyle, has tacitly encouraged powerful corporate polluters and industries to continue manufacturing carcinogenic products,” warns Cancer Prevention Coalition Chairman, Dr. Samuel Epstein. 


“This silence also reflects an effective denial of citizens' fundamental Right-to-Know, compromises their empowerment, and results in serious environmental injustice by unnecessarily sacrificing their health and welfare,” warns Dr. Nicholas Ashford, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology public policy expert.


Independent cancer prevention scientists and public policy experts, strongly supported by representatives of labor, environmental, consumer and activist cancer groups, socially responsible businesses and practitioners of integrative and holistic medicine, are engaged in developing the grass roots THE STOP CANCER BEFORE IT STARTS Campaign.  For more information, visit the CPC website at