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Avoidable Exposures: Patients

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Medical care is constantly changing. Mammography has become a multi-billion dollar industry of questionable benefit to women. Drug companies use their political clout to have profitable drugs approved, despite toxic side effects. With government agencies and cancer charities influenced by corporate leaders, being an informed patient is a must.

Medications/Procedures to Avoid
Did you know mammograms before menopause are no longer endorsed by the National Cancer Institute? Likewise, prescribed drugs may be listed on the U. S. Carcinogen Registry. Learn what to avoid to reduce your risks of cancer.

Medications to Avoid
Birth Control Pills
Evista increases ovarian cancer
HGH medication increases cancer
Ritalin and Liver cancer
Tamoxifen causes cancer in animals

Children and Cancer
American Milk risks
Childhood Cancer Statistics
Hotdogs and Nitrites
Lice? Avoid Lindane
Ritalin Risks

Mammography: Hope or Hype?
American Cancer Society conflicts of interest
Dangers of Mammography
Failures of Mammography
Industry ties to “awareness campaigns”

Unreliability of Mammography

Article:  "Cancer, Inc." from Sierra Magazine

Procedures to avoid:
Breast implants - Dow Corning

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