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Avoidable Exposures: Consumers

Consumers can protect themselves by voting with their shopping dollars and buying safer alternatives.  - Dr. Samuel Epstein

Fighting for a safer environment at home, in the community, and at work

How is it that the NCI and ACS have failed to inform the public about scientific information on avoidable causes of cancer from carcinogenic ingredients and contaminants in consumer products, food, cosmetics and personal care products, and household products?  Also, how is it that the NCI and ACS have also failed to inform regulatory agencies and Congress so that they can legislate against these avoidable cancer risks?

Products and Ingredients to Avoid Cosmetics, foods, even milk may contain contaminants not listed on their labels. Find out who’s influencing U. S. product safety laws.

General Information
Milk: Banned in Europe
Beef: Banned in Europe

Dirty Dozen Consumer Products

Dirty Dozen Risk Factors for Breast Cancer

Cosmetics and Personal Care

Toxic Ingredients in the Majority of Cosmetics & Personal Care Products (from the 2009

Toxic Beauty book)

Talcum Powder
Perfumes Can Be Toxic
Lice Rx-Shampoo (Lindane)
Diethanolamine(DEA) in Shampoo
Black Permanent Hair Dyes
Phthalates in Cosmetics
Cosmetics Fact Sheet

Food and Beverages
Milk and Hormones
Meat and Hormones
Fruits, Vegetables & Pesticides
Hotdogs and Nitrites
Food , Beverages, Pesticides
Food Irradiation

Household Products
Carcinogens at Home
Cleaning Products Risks
Insecticides: Scourge
Pesticides used at Home
Ingredients in Household Products
Safe Alternative Household Products

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The Safe Shopper's Bible
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Unreasonable Risk. How to Avoid Cancer from Cosmetics and Personal Care Products:
The Neways Story

Other consumer resources
Access articles, books, editorials, and more.



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