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Honors and Awards

1. Military Awards in Royal Army Medical Corps, 1953
Montefiore Gold Medal in Tropical Medicine; Montefiore Prize in Tropical Medicine; Ranald Martin Prize in Military Surgery 

2. Society of Toxicology, Achievement Award, 1969.

3. National Conservation Award, National Wildlife Federation, 3/26/77

4. Notable Book Award, "The Politics of Cancer", American Library Association, February 1979.

5. Henry J. Kaiser Visiting Lectureship Award, "New Perspectives on Health", Institute for Social and Policy Studies, Yale University, December 1981.

6. Doctor of Humane Letters, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, Illinois 5/15/83.

7. Robert van den Bosch Memorial Lecture and Medal, University of California, Berkeley, 11/12/83.

8. Harold Levine Memorial Lecture Award, Chicago Lung Association, 2/8/85.

9. Environmental Justice Award, Citizen's Clearinghouse for Hazardous Wastes Inc, August 1989.

10. Life-Time Achievement Award, National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides, 3/16/91.

11. Richard Jones Memorial Lecture Award, University of Tasmania, Australia 3/25/93.

12. American College for Advancement in Medicine, Annual Clarke Lecture Award, San Diego, California, 11/5/94.

13. The Right Livelihood Award (better known as "The Alternative Nobel Prize") for international contributions to cancer prevention, 1998.

14. The 1999 Bioneers Annual Award.

15. Project Censored 2000 Award (better known as the "Alternative Pulitzer Prize") for Investigative Journalism  for an article critiquing the American Cancer Society.