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The Breast Cancer Prevention Program, 2nd Edition

By Samuel S. Epstein M.D., and David Steinman with Suzanne LeVert, 1998

The book that takes the cancer establishment to task

The First Complete Survey of the Causes of Breast Cancer
and the Steps You Can Take to Reduce your Risks.

  • What the cancer establishment won't tell you and why
  • Personal and environmental risks you can avoid
  • Prevention strategies that work

Breast Cancer rates continue to climb, with this disease striking more women every year, and yet information about known risks and prevention strategies is not reaching you. The cancer establishment has a vested interest in keeping you focused on early detection, treatment, and basic genetic research rather than on reducing the risks for developing the disease in the first place.

The Truth is, breast cancer is not a random killer. There are many simple, straight- forward ways women can help protect themselves against it. Supported by a wealth of scientifically documented, medically sound information, this ground-breaking book outlines the unpublished "Dirty Dozen" risk factors for breast cancer and describes in detail the ways you can avoid them.

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NOTE:  The Breast Cancer Prevention Program
is no longer available from the publisher. A copy may be available from your local library.


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