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Drugs of Abuse

By Samuel S. Epstein M.D.

This book gives an overview of drugs in our society, while dictating the implications of carcinogenicity, mutagenicity, and teratogenicity.

Dr. Samuel S. Epstein is professor emeritus of environmental medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health, and Chairman of the international Cancer Prevention Coalition. He is the author of 270 scientific publications, and author or coauthor of 12 books. These include the prize winning 1978 The Politics of Cancer, the 1995 The Safe Shopper's Bible , and the 2005 Cancer Gate: How to Win the Losing Cancer War. He is recipient of multiple awards, including the 1998 Right Livelihood Award for incomparable contributions to cancer prevention, and for leadership role in warning of the dangers of rBGH milk, the 2000 Project Censored Award, and the 2005 Albert Schweitzer Golden Grand Medal for Humanitarianism, and International Contributions to Cancer Prevention.

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