Endorsement(The Politics of Cancer - Revisited )

Some twenty years later, we have a most worthy sequel to the ground-breaking The Politics of Cancer. This work is muscular, relentless, and compelling. Its thesis: billions of public dollars are being misspent in an ill-conceived "war on cancer - a war we are losing because we are not addressing the increasingly carcinogenic environment that man has created. We have introduced these creations into our water and air, our food chain, our habitation, our workplace, and into the products produced there.

In failing to allocate these resources for prevention, we are fighting the wrong war.

The author documents that opposition from powerful corporate interests, and their allies in government and the academy, has sustained this strategy.

We have here a must-read for the scientist and the citizen concerned with the public's health.

-Quentin D. Young, M.D.

President, American Public Health Association


Cancer continues to be the scourge of many workplaces; this book is an extraordinary weapon to mount an attack on this deadly disease. It minces no words in indicting the cancer establishment whose misdirected efforts have contributed to the ongoing cancer epidemic.

Dr. Epstein's work is a strong rebuttal to the self-interested Pollyannas in the cancer establishment and provides worker advocates with essential knowledge that will serve to protect the lives of those we represent.

-Robert Wages

President, Oil, Chemical, and Atomic Workers

Union, International Union, AFL-CIO


A unique and superbly documented indictment of the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society for their reckless indifference to cancer prevention, for their incestuous relationship with the cancer drug industry, and for their false claims for miracle cancer drugs and for winning the war against cancer. This is essential reading for every concerned woman and man on how to reverse the cancer epidemic by personal and political initiatives.

-Barbara Seaman

Co-founder, National Women's Health Network

and author, The Doctors' Case Against the Pill


Every journalist reporting on cancer (as it should be covered) has within easy reach, a shop-worn, dog-eared, heavily underlined 1978 edition of Sam Epstein's Politics of Cancer .For twenty years we have waited impatiently for the day when we would no longer have to update old findings. Our wait is over. Not only has Dr. Epstein provided new data, charts, epidemiology, and science, but he has refortified his contention that the war on cancer is unfinished, and far from triumphant.

-Mark Dowie

Former publisher and editor, Mother Jones and

Author, Losing Ground: American

Environmentalism at the Close of the

Twentieth Century


Samuel Epstein's book The Politics of Cancer blew the lid off the "cancer establishment" when it was published in 1978. Twenty years later; the new POLITICS OF CANCER Revisited is a blockbuster. It exposes the rampant industrial pollution that causes many preventable cases of cancer. It also shows the frightening power of industry in keeping us from winning the war against cancer. We all owe Professor Epstein a debt of gratitude for almost single-handedly keeping this issue alive and before the public for all these years.

-Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D.

Director, The Moss Reports


In THE POLITICS OF CANCER Revisited, Professor Samuel Epstein delivers a devastating attack on the cancer establishment. He provides damning evidence, in extraordinary detail, of the rising tide of cancer incidence and death. With scholarly precision, he delivers a ringing indictment of the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society. Epstein details their fixation on diagnosis and treatment, and their complete failure to focus on prevention by research and education on eliminating the poisons from our food, air, water, and environment.


While the original Politics of Cancer was a tremendously important work, as influential as Rachel Carson's Silent Spring, THE POLITICS OF CANCER Revisited is even more chilling - in the face of rising cancer incidence and death, Epstein documents that the cancer establishment resists all efforts toward reform and continues its failed policies of the past.

In 1998, nearly 1,500,000 Americans will be diagnosed with cancer and 750,000 will die. As a nation, we can not afford to overlook Epstein's recommendations.

To the health of our nation this is a book of tremendous importance.

-Frank D. Wiewel

Founder, People Against Cancer


A remarkable scientifically documented analysis of the failing war against cancer and the reasons for the failure. This book also provides a practical road map for personal and political opportunities for turning the tide of the modern cancer epidemic.

-Devra Lee Davis, Ph.D., M.P.H.

World Resources Institute

Washington, D.C.


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